Experienced iOS Developer with over a year’s experience; working on a 2D & 3D architectural design app utilising core Apple frameworks and Technology. Possesses a robust background in Human-Computer Interaction Research and has a proven track record in teaching and supporting computer science undergraduates.

Key skills

  • iOS App Development in Swift with a wide range of libraries and frameworks  
  • Ability to quickly pick up new languages and technologies 
  • Rapid prototyping and wizard of oz testing
  • Running user studies, questionnaires, design sessions and research studies
  • Teaching challenging concepts to a wide range of individuals 


Graduate Developer, Cerulean Labs UK          
June 2022 – July 2023

Developer on the CoCreate app (formerly known as Spaces) an innovative 2D + 3D iPad app tailored for architectural design. Leveraged proprietary internal technology and event-driven frameworks to drive seamless functionality. Successfully undertook various responsibilities, including document management, precise 2D & 3D rendering, seamless Pencil input interpretation via PencilKit, efficient app localisation, and adeptly resolving geometric challenges, while ensuring thorough bug fixing.

Lab Assistant, Swansea University      

Supported teaching several computer science modules including Human-computer interaction, user experience, web applications, hardware and devices and embedded systems. This included running and supporting assessments of coursework, in-person labs and presentations.

Research Intern, Swansea University

Supported a collaborative research project linking Swansea University with Morrison Hospital’s Brain Trauma Centre. This work focused on enabling participants diagnosed with cognitive impairments to gain basic  electrical and programming skills with 3D printers, programming and electronic sets

Responsibilities included: developing all activities carried out by the participants, ensuring it was achievable based on their level of impairment; ordering of components and equipment; and tracking project budgets. 

During my time employed as a teaching assistant at Swansea University, I supported teaching several computer science modules including Human-computer interaction (second year); user experience (third year); web applications (third year and masters level), hardware and devices (third year and masters) and embedded systems (third year and masters). I have also assisted with marking duties.


Swansea University

Department of Computer Science

– Masters in Computing and Future Interactive Technology,  Pwy: Designing a Discrete Speaker Recognition App for Conversational Support on Smartwatches, 2018-2021

– Bsc Computer Science: Honours: 2015-2018. Awarded Upper Second-Class


Ellis, K., Dao, E., Smith, O., Lindsay, S., & Olivier, P. (2021, May). Tapeblocks: A making toolkit for people living with intellectual disabilities. In Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1-12).

Smith, Osian, and Stephen Lindsay. “Looking At Situationally-Induced Impairments And Disabilities (SIIDs) With People With Cognitive Brain Injury.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.06132 (2019).